Requirements for Voter Registration in FloridaEdit

To be able to vote in the United States there are many different requirements. It is said that you must be a U.S. citizen. Also you have to be a legal resident of the state one is voting in. It is very clear in Amendment XXVI, passed in 1971, that it lowered the voting age to 18and it hasn't changed yet. For the state of Florida you must not have any mental problems that would make you incapacitated to voting. Also in Florida you couldn't have been convicted of a felony. You have to produce your Florida driver’s license or your Florida identification card.

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Upcoming election dates for my state/communityEdit

Calendar of Election DatesEdit

2011 Election Dates for Duval County
-Date- -Jurisdiction- -Election Type-
-03/22/11- City of Jacksonville N/A
-05/17/11- City of Jacksonville General Election
-08/30/11- City of Atlantic Beach Primary Election
-11/08/11- City of Atlantic Beach General Election

Why voting is important!Edit

Voting is important for plenty of reasons.

  • Election Day is the one day each year when everyone in the U.S. is EQUAL.
  • Your vote counts just as much as anyone else's.
  • The feeling of power you get after voting is a great rush.
  • Every political issue and policy affects you whether you know it or not. If you don't vote, you're putting control of your world into the hands of someone else…and you have no idea where those hands have been.
  • At the polling location, you might get to finally meet that cute guy or girl you always see in your neighborhood. Plus, they'll be instantly impressed by your devotion to civic duty.
  • Young people have the most to gain and lose in any election because they have to live with the consequences longer than anyone else.